Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost In the Crowd BNR

Since the Lost in the Crowd Team has flooded Etsy with treasuries, the next step is a Buy and Replace treasury! You pick a featured shop, purchase ANY item from that shop, and then you pick one of your items to be featured in the spot taken by the shop from whom you made a purchase. Let's hope some of these new shops get the attention they deserve!

If you wanted to purchase from PasqueFlower, I regret to inform you that you are too late. I've had my eye on those butterfly knot dresses for awhile! I told my daughter it was going to be her new special princess dress for when she's all potty trained. She's so excited! Check out her dresses though; they are so cute!

Thanks to SmiLe aGain Creations for hosting this BNR. My Flower Magnets and Owl Labels are featured, yay!


  1. Thanks, Ellie, for promoting the LITC Team
    event. I'm delighted your little daughter will
    be wearing the butterfly dress!

  2. Cool! Loved seeing all the sweet square fillers. I'll definately check out the yellow knot dresses. ha!

    New GFC follower from Blue Eyed Blessings.


  3. Stopping by from

    I would love a visit from you at my blog :)

    Your blog is wonderful!

  4. Hi! I am following your blog now. Hope you can stop by and follow mine at
    from a fellow Lost in the Crowd member

  5. I am and forever will be grateful to LITC and its support! Fighting the battle of being lost in the crowd is an on going one and step by step we all keep doing it! Great group, great treasuries and great BNR!